Simbo Safe Downwind Sailing

I have felt for a long time that the average cruising sailor is too often distracted by the needs of the racing fraternity and as a result, becomes drawn into systems and technical equipment that are not entirely appropriate. Whereas the racing fraternity is driven by performance, most cruising sailors are content in the knowledge that they can handle their boats in all likely conditions without putting themselves and family at risk.

For this one requires an easily managed, well thought through sail plan that can be adapted to meet changing weather conditions without fuss and if necessary, alone. Of course, the answer is totally subjective and like the raising and striking of ensigns, often stirs the emotions of even the most placid sailor into a frenzy of passion.

However, what works for me which may be of interest to those who are not set in their ways, is set out on this website.

Of course, other sailors will have developed their own ideas over the decades which they have found suits their particular needs best. My ideas have developed over 50 years of cruising NW Europe plus 6 trans-Atlantic passages with a succession of bermuda sloops and stem from wanting ease of handling with minimum foredeck work.

Iain Simpson

S/Y 'Song of the Ocean'
Najad 570
July 2012

The Simbo Rig

Although developed for short handed ocean sailing, The Simbo Rig (Simple Bow Rig) is useful to coastal cruising sailors and those who are....


The Headsail

I prefer the working jib for the open sea particularly when used in conjunction with the 'Simbo' Rig


The Inner Foresail

My answer to the problem is to set a hard wind jib on a mobile inner forestay with a line of reefing pennants.


The Mainsail

A short vertical battened in-mast furling mainsail ....


Asymmetric Spinnaker

When reaching and running in light winds, I substitute an asymmetric spinnaker for the Simbo Rig.


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