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Blue water cruising on a Najad yacht with Rob and Sarah Bell

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2009 General Photographs

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October 2009 sailing photos for Rob and Sarah Bell on their Najad yacht, Serafina

  • Serafina being lifted around 10.30pm
  • Floodlit working
  • Najad 460 Pressure wash (11.00pm)
  • A tired Sarah still waiting...
  • 33
  • Happy lifting crew.
    These guys remained cheerful even though it was now 11.45pm.
  • Serafina's winter home
  • Yacht Marine, Marmaris


September slide show of Rob and Sarah Bell sailing photos.

  • Fish Photo
  • Windsurfing (1)
  • Windsurfing (2)
  • Windsurfing (3)
  • Windsurfing (4)
  • Down draughts causing mini waterspouts.
  • Beautiful still night at anchor in Vathi, Pserimos Island, Greece.
    Beautiful still night at anchor in Vathi, Pserimos Island, Greece.
  • Bodrum Harbour entrance
    Viewed from Bodrum Castle.
  • English Tower at Bodrum castle
    English Tower at Bodrum castle
  • Minaret inside Bodrum castle
  • Lighthouse to the south of Simi town on the island of Simi.
    Lighthouse to the south of Simi town on the island of Simi.
  • Marathoudia bay, Simi.
    Marathoudia bay, Simi.
  • Cap that!
    I think that I really need to get a new cap.
  • Approaching the delightful harbour of Simi.
    Approaching the delightful harbour of Simi.
  • Approaching Simi (2)
  • Simi Town quay
  • Simi harbour
  • Pethy anchorage
    Large bay to the south of Simi Town.
  • Simi Town
    No apologies for all these shots of what we felt was a beautiful place.
  • Simi Town (again!)
  • Anthony demonstrates the art of rowing a rubber dinghy minus its seat!
    Anthony demonstrates the art of rowing a rubber dinghy minus its seat!
  • This fine ship enjoys its last day intact
    This fine ship enjoys its last day intact.
  • coastguard and helicopter combine to fight the blaze.
    coastguard and helicopter combine to fight the blaze.
  • A bit of practice needed here as anything short of a direct hit is a total waste of time.
    A bit of practice needed here as anything short of a direct hit is a total waste of time.
  • Plan B was to fly across the fire and dump the water along the way.
    Plan B was to fly across the fire and dump the water along the way.
  • Downside is that very little water hits the target.
    Downside is that very little water hits the target.
  • Hovering in the smoke
    Clearly it would have been no fun trying to hover directly over the fire, but here they give it a go.
  • Smoke over water
    Bulls eye. A direct hit makes all the difference.
  • Flare up.
    Despite the dowsing it just received, the fire refuses to diminish.


Rob Bell sailing pictures, Najad Yacht

  • Sarah visits the laundry
    Sarah setting out on the Brompton bike to visit the washing mashines at Setur Marina in Kusadasi.
  • Ephesus (1)
  • Ephesus (2)
  • Ephesus (3)
  • Theatre at Ephesus
    24,000 person capacity amphitheatre at Ephesus. The view would have been out to sea back in 250 AD.
  • Sarah's improvised shopping trolley.
    The green bucket has featured in a very wide of uses. Someone was walking past the other day and exclaimed, "Oh I see you have the same coloured washing machine as me!"
  • Posidonion Bay, Samos
    Enjoyed this little place, with good protection from the Meltemi.
  • Statue in memory of Pythagoras, Samos Island
    Rather cruelly, this statue has been at times mistaken for a woman on a gallows!
  • Inside the castle ruins at Pithagorian.
    Could not find any reference to these ruins that lie within the castle on the edge of Pithagorian town, Samos.
  • Time for a new hat?
    Sarah just want a picture of me on the site!
  • 31
  • An anchorage on Arkoi Island
    Just to demonstrate how we have suddenly arrived in the tourist area. Every anchorage was packed.
  • Serafina in Port Stretto (East Bay)
    Nobody at all in this bay when we arrived which was strange as every other space was packed! Not as deep as the charts and pilot books say.
  • Sarah Bell celebrating 7000 miles
    Sarah is rather more photogenic than me!
  • Monastery of St John The Divine, Patmos island
  • Skala Harbour viewed from the monastery.
  • Inside the monastery of St John
  • Skala harbour behind Sarah.
    The path behind Sarah is the Byzantine track that leads all the way up to the monastery from the harbour. We walked down it, but took a taxi up first!
  • Contact!
    The Hallberg Rassy ketch has just drifted onto the bows of the larger (gold) yacht which is at anchor next to us.
  • And again!
    Having got free, they discovered that the Hallberg's anchor was caught on the gold yacht's anchor chain and so the ketch swung round with even greater speed this time and made a a serious hole in the bow of the gold yacht.
  • Chapel built out of a cave.
    This little chapel on the shore at Xerokambos, Leros Island is built using a cave as its interior.
  • Is that left or right then?
    The new satellite navigation system was not all he had hoped for.
  • Vathi, Kalimnos Island
    Remarkable little fjord which had three yachts moored on the quay, but really not quite big enough to house Serafina sadly.
  • And over there.....
    Our tour guide for the day discussing with David where North might be!
  • View from headland above Kalimnos town
  • Pothia or Kalimnos Town
    We were expecting a very small town here and so were very surprised by the scale of the place.
  • Gumusluk bay, Turkey
    Serafina is tied back to the shore nearest the camera.
  • Gumusluk, Turkey (2)
    Early morning shot of a fishing boat returning home.


Sailing Pictures, Najad Yacht and Rob Bell

  • Istanbul Galata Bridge (Golden Horn)
  • Harem at Topkapi Palace
    Part of the extensive Harem quarters at this wonderful palace.
  • Harem at Topkapi Palace (2)
    Another part of the Harem buildings, overlooking the Harem gardens.
  • Sultanahmet Mosque
    Also known as 'The Blue Mosque'
  • View from the Bosporus of Sultanahmet Mosque and Haghia Sophia.
  • Bosporus Cruise (1)
  • Bosporus Cruise (2)
  • Bosporus Cruise (3)
  • Bosporus Cruise (4)
    By the time you reach the Black Sea, the grand buildings lining both banks, give way to crowded small towns.
  • Reluctant hero and proud parents
    Ewan on the day he graduated from Manchester University with a 2:1 in Geography. Please don't ask what happens next!
  • Gas solonoid repair crew!
    Not exactly Corgi registered, but despite appearances a good job done! Me, Cengiz Berberoclij and Mustapha.
  • Sarah aloft again
    Sarah goes airborne to repair SSB aerial fixing on the backstay.
  • Family fishing trip.
    Just saw the image and took a photo.
  • Fishing boat crew who gave us lunch.
    These guys had been watching us for 24 hours and then suddenly produced a plate of freshly caught, prepared and cooked whitebait and a welcome to Kumbag gift.
  • The beach at Kumbag
    The beach at Kumbag
  • Kumbag fishing harbour.
    Serafina with our friendly neighboring fishing boat.
  • Shag colony on one of the Dardanelle channel markers.
    These birds have always fascinated Sarah, so they have earned a place in the library!
  • John & Mart
    Wonderful Dutch couple we were moored alongside at Canakkale.
  • Demolition Job
    The digger was busy pulling the house over on top of itself, whilst the fire brigade attempted to hose the dust down!
  • Cengiz and his family
    On board Cengiz's boat at Canakkale. His son is taking the photo.
  • Old local resident of Myrina, Limnos Island
  • Myrina Harbour, Limnos
    Serafina is on the right at anchor in the bay. Sarah climbed up to the castle early one morning for these photos.
  • Myrina, second beach waterfront
    The beach at Myrina, Limnos island on the other side of the headland from the port.
  • Serafina - Najad 460 yacht
    Lying at anchor in Myrina Harbour bay, Limnos Island.
  • Birthday Earrings
    Mount Athos reflected in the shades as Sarah shows off her 50th birthday present.
  • Myrina Castle by night.
    Very well lit Genoese castle overlooking this picturesque town.
  • Myrina, Limnos Island
    Really lovely town and people. Stuck here for a few days by strong winds, but had the bonus of meeting the Australian family of Manni, Belinda and Amy on 'La Liberte'.
  • Sun sets behind Mount Athos
    View from the deck of Serafina on Limnos Island as the sun sinks behind Mount Athos which is nearly 40 miles away in Khalkidhiki.
  • The moorings at Sigri did not look promising.
    This wrecked steel yacht focused our minds as we approached Sigri in 38 knots of wind and the big wild seas just outside this reef.
  • What pedestrians?
    This bus shelter was presumably placed here to drum up business for the hospital behind it, as pedestrians have to step out into the narrow busy road to get past the advertising panel!


June 2009 Photos

  • Alacati Bay
    View from the anchorage out to sea.
  • Rising moon
    Best of a mixed bunch of shots from a boat at anchor!
  • Lonely Goatherd
    Part of the huge herd of goats that came past whilst we were anchored at Nergis Koyn.
  • Cricket pavillions
    Fish farm at Gokkavar which looks like a resting home for old cricket pavillions!
  • Sunset over Alacati
  • The resort at Alacati
    Refreshing change from the usual concrete mass.
  • Dalyankoy
    Dalyankoy harbour looking from the inside towards the entrance!
  • Crew, Mick and Dione
    Mick and Dione on the penultimate evening of their stay with us.
  • Sunset over Dalyankoy
    Minarets look so nice and quiet......
  • Flag Watch
    Must remember to change courtesy flags when crossing from Turkey back to Greece.
  • Molivos
    Delightful town and tiny harbour. Serafina in background!
  • Molivos (2)
    Serafina moored in front of Molly's Bar
  • Molivos (3)
    Do you get the feeling we like this place??
  • Molivos (4)
    You get the idea.......
  • Pollution
    This chap left a thick pall of smoke all the way to the horizon.
  • Bozcaada
    Byzantine Fortess beyond the quay with a few of us moored. Very peaceful until the evening!
  • Unknown cruise ship
    Doubtless someone will tell us which boat this is? The AIS had not been filled in by them, so we go no information.
  • Perspective plays tricks.
    Soviet tanker runs down cruise ship. Photo could have been worth a fortune, but....
  • More dolphins
    One of a pair that came up to us in the Dardanelles.
  • Gallipoli
    A Turkish memorial to all the young men who died on both sides at Gallipoli. The full Turkish memorial is near the entrance to the straights and is a huge four legged stone table, 42 metres high , naming all 86,700 Turkish dead.
  • The Wooden Horse
    Replica built for the film starring Brad Pitt, but no sign of him here today.
  • Rhizostoma pulmo (Jellyfish)
    Swimmers not too bothered by these translucent chaps.
  • Compass jellyfish
    So called because of their markings!
  • 84
    Lying at anchor just off the beach in a beautiful bay on the Kapidag Peninsula. (Sorry, cannot resist these sunset pictures!)
  • 85
    Home for two nights, this minaret was the most tuneful and easily the loudest so far this summer.
  • 86
  • Wind Spirit or Wind Star
    (there was a third but this was destroyed by fire in Tahiti in 2002). The ships are both 5,350 tonnes with a sail area of 21,489 sq. feet. They carry 88 crew and a maximum of a 159 passengers. They are officially classified as "computer-controlled sail-cruiser". Many thanks to my former boss and mentor David Waterland for this information.
  • Port Marmara
    Small fishing harbour on the island of Marmara. We really enjoyed this place which is a sleepy little town trying to be a resort for Turkish visitors.
  • Exercise time!
    Totally out of context in the little town of Marmara was this adult exercise park, just across the road from the children's play park.


May Slide Show

  • Optimists sailing in 30 knots of wind
  • 23
  • Delphi
  • Delphi
  • Corinth Canal
  • Corinth Canal
  • Corinth Canal
  • Corinth Canal
  • Corinth Canal
  • Pedal Power
  • Athens - Changing the Guard
  • Presidential Palace, Athens
  • 34
  • 35
  • 36
  • 37
  • 38
  • 39
  • Bit of Aggro
  • Scenic moorings!!
  • This is the one that broke our Hydrovane
  • 43
  • 44
  • 45
  • 46
  • 47
  • 48
  • 49
  • 50
  • 51
  • 52
  • 53
  • 54
  • 55
  • 56
  • 57
  • 58
  • 59
  • 60


April 2009 slides and photos

  • Serafina polished and painted and ready to go.
    5 days of preparation and Serafina is ready for the crane. Eagle eyed viewers will spot Sarah putting finishing touches to the keel anti-fouling paint.
  • Travel hoist at Cleopatra Marina, Preveza
    Serafina on her way to the water for the start of the 2009 season.
  • Sunny Days
    The rain chose to return for the launch day. Could be Hamble Point Marina in the UK!
  • Flying High
    Sarah goes aloft to check all the rigging for damage, wear and tear.
  • Sea of masts
    Distant view of the three boatyards at Aktion (Preveza) showing the astonishing number of boats all out of the water.
  • Astakos
    A very unlikely and untypical view!
  • Modern Fishing Boat!
    Astakos and the Dragonera Islands abound with fish farms and this is how the fish are brought to the mainland.
  • Astakos Town
  • Approach to Messolonghi (1)
    Unusual, almost SE Asian fisherman's houses mostly on stilts at the entrance to the channel through the lagoons.
  • Approach to Messolonghi (2)
    More huts and a pretty church behind.
  • Approach to Messolonghi (3)
  • Approach to Messolonghi (4)
  • Garden of Heroes - Lord Byron's statue and buried heart
    Greek National Hero, Lord Byron's heart is buried here but his body was returned to the UK.
  • Lord Byron
  • Garden of Heroes
    This tumulus contains the collected remains of some of the inhabitants killed when they blew the city up as the Turks finally stormed the city after a year long siege in 1845.
  • Messolonghi
    View across one of the lagoons at Messolonghi.
  • Rion-Andirron suspension bridge (1)
    Longest cable stayed bridge in the world. Gulf of Patras/Corinth
  • Rion-Andirron suspension bridge (2)
    View after we had passed through. We have plenty more but felt these we were quite enough for the website!
  • Church at Trizonia
    Quaint little chapel on the tiny island of Trizonia in the Gulf of Corinth.
  • Trizonia
    Only inhabited island in the Gulf of Corinth
  • Serafina in Trizonia
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