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Blue water cruising on a Najad yacht with Rob and Sarah Bell

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April 2010 We left Marmaris (Turkey) and sailed to Gocek (Turkey) where we joined the East med Yacht Rally (EMYR) which took us to Cyprus, Syria (Damascus), Lebanon (Beirut), Israel, Egypt (Cairo) and back to Israel. We left the boat for a week near Tel Aviv and travelled overland to Jordan (Aqaba, Petra Amman) and back via Jerusalem.

We then sailed from Israel to Malta where we satyed for 2 weeks and then on to Sardinia, Spain and Gibraltar. next we headed out into the Atlantic to Porto Santo island followed by Madeira, then down south to Lancarote in the Canary islands.

We left serafina in Puerto Calero, Lanzarote and flew home for a 5 week break.

On returning in November, we sailed to Tenerife via Fuerteventura and Gran Canaria and left Santa Cruz (Tenerife) in December and sailed south again to the Cape Verde Islands. Finally we left them on 22nd December and headed off across the Atlantic to Barbados which where we arrived on 6th Jan 2011.

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